LEQI-E-scooter D12, elegant black

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      Product details

      Key features
    • Max. power 630 W
    • Access 40 km
    • Load capacity up to 100 kg
    • Water resistance IP65
    • Weight 15.5 kg
    • Robust aluminum construction
    • Easy folding
    • Timeless elegance

      The HiLink Leqismart electric scooter has a construction made of extremely durable aluminum alloy. It is modified through state-of-the-art technologies taken over from the automotive industry. At first glance, it will fascinate you with its unique curves. Its design is minimalist and simple, but reworked to the smallest detail. You will not perceive it as an ordinary practical means of transport, but as your stylish companion for every day.

      Uncompromising durability

      The body of the scooter is resistant to water and dust according to the IP65 standard. The battery is stored in a special cover made of aluminum alloys, which perfectly protects it from shocks and water according to the IPX7 standard. Each component has been redesigned to last as long as possible. For example, the folding mechanism can handle at least 10,000 folds.

      Scooter for every day

      Thanks to its compact design, the HUAWEI HiLink Leqismart scooter is suitable for everyday use. When it starts to rain or your battery runs out, you can assemble it in a few secondsand transport it in the trunk of a car or public transport. Thanks to its low weight of only 15.5 kg, you can easily carry it up the stairs. During hot summer days, you will appreciate the low thermal conductivity of aluminum components. There is no danger of burns.

      Range up to 40 km

      The battery integrated in the construction of the scooter has a capacity of 10.4 Ahand provides a range of up to 40 km. When driving downhill, you will appreciate the recuperation function, thanks to which you can accumulate up to 10.2 % of energy into the flashlight, which you missed when driving uphill.

      Climb? Not a problem!

      The reliable electric motor is integrated in the rear wheel and can run the scooter up to 25 km/h. You can choose one of 3 driving modes, each of which allows a different maximum speed. Standard motor power is at the level of 350 W, but in the short term it can increase up to 630 W.He doesn't have a problem with steeper climbs, he can handle up to 15 %.

      Perfect driving comfort

      Unlike many competitors, HUAWEI HiLink Leqismart does not use fixed wheels. It relies on inflatable tubeless 9-inch tiresto ensure perfect driving comfort even on broken roads. At the same time, they have a specially designed design, which ensures excellent adhesion even on slippery surfaces. The construction of the tire is reinforced with several protective layersthat reduce the risk of a defect to a minimum. If you happen to get a defect, thanks to run-flat technology, the rubber does not deform and you can reach the finish line on a scooter.

      Practical technologies

      The scooter is equipped with a gyroscope, which intelligently regulates the speed in inclines or descents and thus increases riding comfort. In addition, if the scooter is tilted 45 ° or the wheel loses contact with the road, the control unit automatically stops accelerating.

      Effective braking is ensured by an efficient mechanical disc brake. In addition, it is complemented by an electronic brake with E-ABS technology that reduces the risk of skidding. The handlebars include a clear displayshowing basic driving data. HUAWEI HiLink Leqismart also offers the option of pairing with an application on a smartphone. You can use it to check the current status, including the expected arrival.

      Advanced lighting technology

      Perfect safety during night rides is ensured by an LED light strip with 72 LEDs, a 2.5 W headlight and a powerful light in the rear. The scooter is equipped with a light sensor that automatically activates the lightsin case it gets dark outside. Smart turn signals also benefit. These switch on automatically if the angle of rotation of the handlebars exceeds 15-20 degrees.

      Detailed package contents:

    • Scooter HUAWEI HiLink Leqismart

    • User manual

    • Service card

    • Charging adapter

    • 3mm wrench

    • Parameters

      Color čierna

      Technical parameters

      Kompatibilita Univerzál


      Pieces in pack: 1 pcs.

      Dimension x: 50 cm

      Dimension y: 20.5 cm

      Dimension z: 116 cm

      Weight: 19 kg

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